We turn health- and life science ideas 

into companies!

  We bring scientists, founders, ideas and capital together and as co-founders our team of experts provides operational support.

About us

LifeSciences2030 is built on the strong foundation of a high caliber network of passionate scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and visionaries.
LifeSciences2030 provides an international network, deep know-how in life science and healthcare, capital and space opportunities to establish and support innovative business models.
LifeSciences2030 invests collaboratively with partners in early stage companies and start-ups.
LifeSciences2030 supports the Global Goals of the United Nations, Goal 3 "Good Health and Wellbeing for all!"

Mega Trend Life Sciences

Health and life sciences are the mega trends of the next decade and will significantly shape and change our lifestyle, therapies and diagnostics.

New impact and research approaches will change the global markets and open up a multitude of exciting opportunities for innovative business models.

LifeSciences2030 empowers young companies and scientists to translate these trends into economically successful business concepts.

From research to application with sustainable and responsible concepts for a healthier future!

Setting up a company with us!

We empower entrepreneurs and scientific teams to create successful companies - together for a healthier life!

Scouting | Incubating

We identify new products, technologies and game changing approaches in health and life sciences.

We are constantly seeking founders who are the driving force behind the implementation of business models.

As a company builder, our first task is to assemble an excellent start-up team that best fits the business idea.


Development & Implementation

We are life science experts and are actively involved in our start-ups.

With us, founders can flexibly integrate the best possible experts – thereby turning fixed costs into variable costs and efficiently achieving outstanding results. Knowledge management is generally our ultimate goal: we coach and advise our founders and share our knowledge with our start-ups.

During implementation, we continually seek improvements and are not afraid to retrospectively adapt entire business models. We constantly undertake tests and research. The aim is to develop new business models and adapt established models for new markets.


Accelerating | Financing

We love turning ideas into excellent business models.

Through our close collaborations to scientific organizations and institutions we are well experienced in partnering and financing innovative business concepts in early stage. 

We work closely with our start-ups when it comes to fundraising. 

We turn ideas into business models and validate these using our expertise. 


"The advances in health and medicine in our near future will be among the most significant of all the new game-changing developments. And thanks to rising connectivity, an even wider range of people will benefit than at any other time in history. Improvements disease-detection and treatment, the management of medical records and personal-health monitoring promise more equitable access to health care and health information for potentially billions more people when we factor in the spread of digital technology.
Especially phones will help also in poorer countries to enable the education, health care and security.“

The New Digital Age, Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen